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How Firewalls Work

By Dr. Tobias Heer, Dr. Oliver Kleineberg and Jeff Lund
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) takes operational performance
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Potential Yahoo Mail XSS Bug

A cross-site scripting (XSS) proof-of-concept exploit potentially puts 400 million Yahoo Mail users at risk of having their accounts taken
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Yahoo Adds HTTPS Support

Yahoo is now offering HTTPS as an option on its service. Support for HTTPS has been a long time need
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Google Rolls Out Attack Warning

Google has a new service that automatically displays a warning to users who may be the target of state-sponsored phishing
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Smart Meters Getting Smarter

By Gregory Hale
Smart meters may not be perfect right now, but they are here to stay and will
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User Alert: Brute Force Attacks on Rise

There has been a hike in secure shell (SSH) scanning of Internet facing control systems, said ICS-CERT officials and they
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Emerson CTO: Keep Security Simple

Editor’s Note: Peter Zornio, chief technology officer at Emerson Process Management sat down with ISSSource editor Gregory Hale a little
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