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Malware Translates to Local Language

There is a new variant of the worm known as VOBFUS that is very fluent in the languages of the
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Android Worm Going Mobile

A new piece of mobile malware, designed to infect Android mobile devices and carry out Trojan-like attacks is starting up
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Moroccan Busted for Swiss Bank Attacks

A 27-year-old Moroccan man with Russian citizenship known on the hacking scene as Diabl0, is now under arrest in Thailand
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Linux Worm Targets ICS

Industrial control systems could feel the affect of a new Linux worm that exploits a PHP vulnerability. In addition to
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Skype Houses Dorkbot Worm

The Dorkbot/Rodpicom worm, which spreads via messaging applications and leads to additional malware infections, is currently going out on Skype
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New Malware Targets Databases

There is some new malware that appears to try to modify corporate databases especially in the Middle East. While the
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Police Virus Malware Growing

Cyber criminals are now using the Police Virus malware as fully functioning ransomware, according to a new report. The Police
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New Morto Worm More Potent

Morto The Worm added file infection capability to its ability to compromise remote desktop protocol (RDP) connections by exploiting weak
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Trojan Forces Printers to Run Amuck

Unauthorized printing is becoming a nuisance as a computer worm propagates by exploiting a 2010 Windows vulnerability, according to security
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Flame and SCADA Security

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from Eric Byres’ Practical SCADA Security blog at Tofino Security.
By Eric
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