Tripwire Launches Asset Discovery Appliance

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 @ 06:09 PM gHale

Tripwire, Inc. launched its Asset Discovery Appliance, an easy-to-deploy device and application discovery solution.

Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliances offer built-in integration with Tripwire Enterprise, an industry security, compliance and configuration management solution.

Tripwire solutions protect some of the most sensitive networks in the world, including nine of the top 10 utilities in the U.S., eight of the top 10 global retailers and seven of the top 10 global telecommunications firms.

The Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliance provides a continuous, comprehensive profile of all hardware and software on any network, delivering security configuration management and clear, uninterrupted visibility into compliance status.

Enterprises discover new security threats and exploits on their networks every day. Additionally, new assets, applications and end-point configuration changes can make previously secure assets insecure in an instant, leaving the network open to cyber attacks.

It’s critical any new asset added to an organization’s network ends up quickly discovered and profiled to avoid potential security risk. If the new asset is a “rogue” it could open the door to a potential breach. In order to avoid compliance drift, as well as to quickly identify and remediate security vulnerabilities, organizations need a current, complete and accurate inventory of all of their assets and applications.

Key features of Tripwire Asset Discovery Appliances include:
• Comprehensive, continuous discovery and profiling of all network assets and applications
• Complete inventory of authorized and unauthorized devices and applications
• Correlation of at-risk application and asset changes in Tripwire Enterprise for proactive security

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