Trojan Sticks it to Super Glue

Friday, August 12, 2011 @ 01:08 PM gHale

American manufacturing institutions took cyber hits this past week; first Hershey suffered a breach, now the website of Super Glue became mired in a malicious script.

Prior to their removal of malicious redirection scripts, visitors to the world-famous adhesive maker’s site ended up redirected to a site malicious site, said officials at software provider Avast. The site – – suffered from an infection for at least five days since Friday, during which time surfers ended up redirected to a series of other sites to a payload dump which is currently dormant.

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The malicious dump site, hosted in Russia, is likely the drop off point for a scareware scam, officials said. Super Glue visitors were at risk until the adhesive maker cleared up the problem Wednesday.

Avast informed Super Glue Corp. by email and telephone about the malware prior to going public on the problem.

The malware first came to Avast’s attention via its CommunityIQ cloud-based detection system on Aug. 5. Avast’s techies confirmed the infection and flagged the site as a potential problem to Avast users. Other less prominent sites suffered from the same attack, it added.

While infected JavaScript downloaders or redirectors are a commonplace attack tactic, the specific AVF Trojan at the super glue site is not. “It’s not in the top fifty malware rankings, but it has already been reported in over 500 sites today,” said Alena Varkockova, a virus lab analyst at Avast.

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