TX Gasoline Spill from Harvey Flooding

Thursday, September 14, 2017 @ 05:09 PM gHale

Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters triggered a spill of almost a half-million gallons of gasoline from two storage tanks at Magellan Midstream Partners along the Houston Ship Channel.

The spill measured 10,988 barrels, which is more than 461,000 gallons.

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That marks the largest reported spill linked to Harvey’s floodwaters. The gasoline spilled from a Magellan Midstream Partners fuel terminal in Galena Park, TX.

Some of the gasoline flowed into a waterway adjacent to the ship channel, a heavily industrialized area that’s lined with dozens of petrochemical facilities.

The spill was contained and cleanup was ongoing, said Magellan spokesman Bruce Heine.

The Associated Press has identified more than two dozen spills from fuel and chemical tanks that failed during Harvey. Government regulations do not require tank owners to take specific steps against flooding.

Magellan also reported a 2,500-gallon oil spill linked to Hurricane Harvey Sept. 10. Officials reported the spill cleaned up by Sept. 12.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spokeswoman Liz Bowman said the agency had closely coordinated with the U.S. Coast Guard, which reported the cleanup wrapped up Sept. 12.

There were no details about the spill, including whether it endangered drinking water or forced evacuations.

Magellan Midstream Partners spokesman Bruce Heine said his company reported the spill at its facility in the east Houston suburb of Galena Park on Sept. 10 and has assisted in cleanup.

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