Users Remain Security’s Weakest Link

Friday, February 27, 2015 @ 05:02 PM gHale

There is no doubt end users are the biggest security headache for manufacturing or the enterprise, largely due to their tendency to click on suspicious and malicious emails and URLs, said a new research report.

“When you have more than 70 percent of breaches begin at the endpoint and nearly 80 percent of information security professionals stating that users are their biggest security headache, it becomes overwhelmingly apparent that traditional endpoint protection is a spectacular failure,” said Simon Crosby, CTO, at security company Bromium.

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More than 63 percent of respondents said clicking on malicious Internet content by end users introduces the most security risk (43 percent URLs/20 percent emails).

Manual and reactive processes, such as investigating security alerts and the detection and remediation of compromised endpoints each account for 20 percent of the responses. Additional results found only 15 percent of organizations are able to respond to 90 percent or more of their security alerts.

When asked to rate their confidence in a variety of information security solutions, only 31 percent responded they were confident in antivirus and only 37 percent responded they were confident in next-generation firewalls.

Even as the information security market has grown to $70 billion, the magnitude and frequency of data breaches has been increasing.

Absent a viable security program that everyone in the company is aware of and adheres to, security professionals will continue to swim upstream against the rush of security alerts generated by end users connecting to untrusted networks or clicking on suspicious content.

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