Yokogawa Releases Laser Spectrometer

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 @ 12:12 PM gHale

Yokogawa Corporation of America released the TDLS8000 Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer, which can quickly make in-situ measurements of gas concentrations in various process conditions in the oil, petrochemical, electric power, iron and steel industries.

As the successor to the TDLS200 laser gas analyzer, the TDLS8000 offers improved reliability and operability. Yokogawa aims to capture a greater share of the gas analyzer market by offering a solution that will make it possible to improve plant efficiency and safety.

TDLS800 features include:
• Highly reliable measurement where its laser module includes a newly developed reference cell board that improves the reliability of absorption peak detection, which is an important step in the spectral area method.
• Improved operability and maintenance efficiency where it comes with a large 7.5-inch LCD touchscreen that can display a greater variety of data. The touchscreen replaces the push button interface used with preceding models, making the setting of parameters easier and more intuitive.
• Compact size where it is three-quarters the size and weight of the preceding model, allowing for installation in a greater variety of locations.

The TDLS8000 gained certification to the IECEx, ATEX (Europe), FM (U.S.), cFM (Canada), and TIIS (Japan) explosion-proof standards. It will be suitable for installation in hazardous areas that required the use of an explosion-proof enclosure.

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