ABB Releases ‘Fast’ Gas Chromatograph

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 @ 05:05 PM gHale

ABB released the PGC5009 “Fast” process gas chromatograph.

This latest addition to ABB’s gas chromatography product portfolio ended up released by ABB’s Measurement & Analytics business.

A relatively small shift in the cut point (the threshold temperature for good product) for any refinery product can cost refiners millions of dollars in profits. In the absence of fast, accurate and reproducible boiling point data, refinery product yields can end up not optimized and more importantly, profits lost.

The PGC5009 allows for process analytics for simulated distillation analysis using fast temperature programmed process chromatography.

With a patented resistively heated column design and rapid cooling system, the PGC5009 provides new levels of chromatography. It is able to provide accurate and reproducible retention times and weight percentage measurements required for boiling point curve, calculation enabling optimized refinery process control.

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