ABB’s Single Process View

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 @ 08:09 AM gHale

ABB is offering a common view of analytics available from executives through to maintenance teams on production sites.

Companies in the oil, gas and chemicals sector can see their data, regardless of which vendor’s control system is used, through a single window. This allows for more decision-making through shared insights into company data, than previously possible. Using this common window, each user is able to configure the view and have performance indicators and measures presented using the latest visual analysis tools.

“With ABB Ability Enterprise Analytics, insights are combined into a single dashboard that, for the first time, transforms data into easily actionable information for executives, plant, process and maintenance managers across the entire oil, gas and chemicals (OGC) sector,” said ABB’s Håvard Devold. “The financial upside of this to operators is significant as up to 30 percent savings in capital and operating expenditures are achievable.”

OGC industries have reams of data in many systems, most of which is essential to optimize performance.

The technology is able to present and integrate data from any third party system, while ensuring the intellectual property of that data remains in the ownership of the customer. “We believe that customers own their data, and they should know what ABB will be doing with it. Customers also need to provide consent before we share any of their data. We respect the intellectual property of our customers. We don’t ask customers of ABB Ability solutions to cede their IP rights to us when they use our digital solutions,” Devold said.

Supporting the single dashboard view are ABB’s Collaborative Operations Centers, which digitally connect the company’s customers with ABB’s experts worldwide. These centers let ABB see all customer sites, along with a case management system that identifies critical assets in need of urgent attention. 

Driving demand for this dashboard are six challenges ABB has identified from decades of customer feedback:
1. Safety and alarm management
2. Power management and electrification
3. Plant performance solutions and services
4. Asset management and condition monitoring
5. Smart wells flow assurance and production optimization
6. Digital projects execution

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