Amputation from Machine Brings Safety Fines

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 @ 03:08 PM gHale

Crenshaw Manufacturing Inc. in Huntington Beach, CA, is facing $142,715 in penalties after a worker had three fingers amputated while manually loading products into an operating punch press, said officials at the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA).

California/OSHA inspectors issued five serious and one willful-serious safety and health violations among others after it determined the company failed to conduct regular inspections of power presses to ensure adequate machine guarding, did not conduct performance checks on power presses, and failed to provide employees with safety training.

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During its investigation, Cal/OSHA found the employer:
• Failed to identify, evaluate and correct workplace hazards, unsafe conditions and work practices performed by employees in accordance with the written procedures of their written Injury and Illness Prevention Program
• Failed to provide effective training and instruction to employees in accordance with the written procedures of their Injury and Illness prevention program
• Failed to establish and follow an effective program of periodic and regular inspections of power operated presses to ensure that all parts, auxiliary equipment, and safeguards on machines such as safety devices, guarding or controls are in a safe operating condition
• Failed to maintain a certification record of inspections, tests, and maintenance work which includes the date of the inspections, tests, or maintenance; signature of the person performing the inspections, tests, or maintenance; and the serial number or other identifier for power operated presses inspected, tested, or maintained for employees operating power operated presses
• Failed to ensure separate procedural steps for the safe lockout and tagout of power operated presses were developed, utilized and documented in writing to protect employees that are required to clean, repair, service, adjust, maintain, set up and/or unjam machinery.
• Failed to train affected employees on the purpose and use of energy control procedures for power operated presses used by employees.
• Failed to perform functional performance checks at least once a week to determine the safe operating condition of the clutch/brake mechanisms, anti-repeat feature and single stroke control for employees’ safe operation of power operated presses.
• Failed to ensure the continuing competence of personnel inspecting and maintaining power operated presses for the safe operation by employees.
• Failed to effectively train and instruct the operator of a punch press (Niagara #10) in the safe method of work before starting work
• Failed to ensure by adequate supervision that correct operating procedures were followed on Niagara Punch Press #10. As a result, on or about January 12, 2017, an employee suffered a serious injury (amputation).
• Failed to provide and ensure the use of properly applied and adjusted point of operation devices or guards for every operation performed on a power operated press. As a result, an employee suffered a serious injury (amputation).

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