Attack Threat: Phone Flooding

Friday, February 15, 2013 @ 04:02 PM gHale

A way to fight off competitors takes a digital approach as hackers are offering “phone ring flooding” services able to disrupt the competition’s phone lines.

The service, which has been in operation for 3 years, is similar to SMS flooding and it’s guaranteed to work, said researchers at security provider Webroot.

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It works not only to “take care of a competitor’s phone line,” as advertised, but also to launch denial-of-service attacks against the customers of banks and payment processors in an effort to prevent them from learning about fraudulent transactions.

The cost for such services varies on underground markets, but it’s not very expensive. For instance, if someone wants to take out a phone line for a maximum of one day, he would have to pay $3 per hour per number, according to Webroot.

For longer periods like between 2 weeks and 1 month, the service costs $25 per night per number.

The following, according to the Webroot blog, is a description of the underground service:
1) You can order a test flood for 5 minutes for free
2) We guarantee that the phone will be unavailable during the time you paid for
3) We have a flexible system of discounts and installment payment available
4) Calls are made with a lot of numbers that start with different numbers. Because of this unrealistic add all the numbers in the black list by specifying a range!
5) If you order more than one number to flood you get to the next number 25% discount
6) Even if the numbers will be added to a blacklist. Phone of the victim will still be busy.
7) The first 10 customers ordering a flood of 1 week 15% discount
The cost of services performed under the price-list:
From 1 hour to 1 day – $3 per hour 1 number
From 1 day to 1 week – $40 per night 1 number
From 1 week to 2 weeks – $30 per night 1 number
From 2 weeks to 1 month – $25 per night 1 number

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