Automation Genome Mapped with Integrity Software

Friday, July 9, 2010 @ 01:07 PM gHale

Software and service provider, PAS, released late last year its Integrity Automation Genome Software.
The software maps the automation genome, which comprises the databases, programs, displays, and interconnections within and among all automation systems in a plant, including distributed control systems, SCADA systems, safety instrumented systems, data historians, advanced process controls, and instrumentation databases.
By mapping a plant’s automation genome, Integrity Software can enhance a plant’s productivity and safety performance. By identifying configuration defects and safety vulnerabilities, a manufacturer can quickly resolve or avoid costly operational problems. Tracking and the history of configuration changes ensures the value of automation systems does not deteriorate over time. Users can access Integrity’s knowledge base through the graphical interfaces of their existing DCS and historian workstations.
Integrity Software also serves as a knowledge retention and collaboration platform that captures implicit knowledge, contextualizes it, and makes it accessible.
“We have designed Integrity to take full advantage of Web 2.0 technologies in order to enable greater interaction among people and information,” said Chris Lyden, PAS president. “We believe that combining these functions with Integrity’s ability to map the genomes of the disparate systems in a plant will preserve a great deal of plant information and make it easily accessible to everyone who needs it.”
One of the “killer” applications of the Integrity Automation Genome software is the Disaster Recovery module, which provides a mechanism for automatic backup and archiving of system and database files, documenting restoration procedures, and the creation of object-to-file associations. In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, it aids in system recovery, restoring corrupted files, or providing the facility to roll back to a point in time.
For more information, click on PAS.

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