Baby Steps: BP to Link Pay to Safety

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 @ 11:10 PM gHale

In his effort to rework BP’s reputations as a safety slacker, the company’s new chief executive said safety is so core to the group it would be the sole measure for staff bonuses in the last quarter of this year.
BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley needs to do something to bring back confidence in the company after a series of major safety related incidents over the past few years.
When you have events like the Gulf of Mexico disaster, the Texas City refinery blast in 2005, and Alaskan oil spills in 2006, it starts to make others think safety is not a core corporate culture.
“The sole criterion for performance reward for our operating businesses in the fourth quarter of 2010 will be performance in safety, compliance, silent running and operational risk management,” Dudley said in an email to staff.
“We are taking this step in order to be absolutely clear that safety, compliance and operational risk management is BP’s number one priority, well ahead of all other priorities,” he added in the email sent on Monday.

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