Bedrock Releases Secure Discrete Output Module

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 @ 02:02 PM gHale

Bedrock Automation released a cyber secure 20-channel discrete output.

Bedrock Automation released a cyber secure 20-channel discrete output.

Bedrock Automation released a cyber secure 20-channel discrete output (DO) module for its Bedrock OSA system.

The new SIO8.20 DO enables software selectable electronic fusing, latching and fail-safe shutdown for each 24 VDC output at 1 A max current per channel. It provides galvanically-isolated output switching in a rugged, all-metal enclosure, and a small footprint. Delivering programmable electrical capability within the cyber secure Bedrock control platform reduces the cost, maintenance and vulnerability of external electrical connectors.

The SIO8.20 employs Bedrock’s patented Black Fabric Cybershield protection built in. Key benefits the SIO8.20 brings includes:
• Reduced Footprint, via 20 galvanically-isolated DO channels delivering one of the highest possible density of channels per inch for optimization of rack space.
• Programmable Electronic Fusing. Each of its 20 channels are electronically fused to a programmable threshold up to 1 amp per channel.
• Overcurrent Retry, which enables programming a channel to latch off and retry during overcurrent.
• Failsafe Output, which protects the module if communication with the controller fails, directing output to a configured fail-safe value or holding it at last known value.
• Extreme Hardening and Long Life, because of a pinless backplane Interconnection and sealed all-metal construction, protecting against extreme temperature EMI and EMP in compliance with the highest military standards.
• Scalable Redundancy, with user-selectable single/dual/triple redundancy.
• Extreme Digital Performance, with a 32bit Secure ARM and an additional microcontroller on each of the 20 DO channels, to deliver unparalleled speed and diagnostics.
• Integrated Support of IEEE 1588 time precision protocol enables SOE synchronization with +/- 0.5mSec accuracy on all channels.

“Adding a secure 20-channel DO module is part of Bedrock’s mission to deliver lower cost comprehensive automation at the highest performance and flexibility with intrinsic cyber defense. The SIO8-20 DO module complements our other high-density AI and DI to deliver on PLC or DCS applications with up to 400 I/O per rack and thousands of I/O per cabinet”, said Bedrock Automation founder, CTO, and Engineering VP Albert Rooyakkers.

The Bedrock OSA platform incorporates intrinsic security and extreme performance into an open standards-based architecture. Each SIO8.20 occupies a single position on the Bedrock electromagnetic backplane, (BMI). The pin-less 4Gbit BMI supports advanced controller, power supply and I/O Modules with scalable single/dual/triple I/O redundancy.

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