Belden Deals for Byres Security

Thursday, September 1, 2011 @ 12:09 PM gHale

Signal transmission solution provider, Belden Inc. today acquired cyber security provider Byres Security Inc. (BSI).

As a part of the deal to protect its networking solutions from cyber attack, Belden will pick up BSI’s Tofino Security product line. The price tag for the deal was not immediately available.

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BSI has been working with the Hirschmann group in Belden for two years and Belden was already using Tofino Security technology in its Eagle line of security products, and BSI uses Belden’s Hirschmann hardware its Tofino Security products.

Byres Security will operate as an independent business unit within Belden, and the Tofino Security brand will remain the same. BSI’s founders, Joann Byres and Eric Byres are committed to playing key roles in the new entity, and there will be no changes to BSI’s experienced and successful team.

“BSI is a leading provider of industrial control system security and their Tofino Security technology will strengthen Belden’s position as the world’s leading provider of complete industrial networking solutions,” said Peter Fröhlich, Ph.D., Director R&D for Belden’s industrial networking business. “As an independent business entity within Belden, BSI will continue its growth and success and contribute to our vision of delivering secure communications to mission critical networking solutions.”

“The industrial control system security market is growing quickly, and now, as part of Belden we will be able to truly to seize the opportunity,” said Joann Byres, vice president and general manager, Byres Security.

“Industrial Control System and SCADA operators have experienced a wake-up call over the last year with a large number of PLC vulnerabilities disclosed and with the Stuxnet cyber attack,” said Eric Byres, chief technology officer and vice president engineering, Byres Security. “There is now high interest in improving cyber security at both the plant and management levels of organizations.”

“As part of Belden we will be able to fully realize the potential of Tofino Security technology and make our vision of robust security tailored for industrial requirements a reality in many, many sites around the world.”

“We already use BSI’s technology in our EAGLE line of security products and intend to leverage it across our entire industrial networking product portfolio, particularly the Hirschmann and GarrettCom industrial network products,” Fröhlich said

Indeed, the cyber security market is just at the beginning stages of growth as just on the utility side alone, a new study from Pike Research found power companies need to make significant new investments in cyber security for industrial control systems (ICS), which will total $4.1 billion over the years between 2011 and 2018.

“The smart grid changes everything, but when it comes to cyber security issues, much of the story remains the same,” said senior analyst Bob Lockhart. “Integrating information technology into a power grid presents enormous potential to deliver energy more efficiently and profitably, but also brings inherent risks in terms of security vulnerabilities. The discovery of the Stuxnet worm in 2010 let the world know what security experts knew for years and that was the fragility of industrial control systems such as SCADA. That awareness has created a new urgency among security vendors and utility managers alike. Nearly overnight, ICS security went from being a non-issue to being critical.”

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