Belden’s Category 6A PROFINET Cables

Monday, July 17, 2017 @ 05:07 PM gHale

In a move to support the growing demand for high-volume data transfer from the factory floor, Belden released its DataTuff Cat6A PROFINET cables.

Belden, Inc. released its DataTuff Cat6A PROFINET cables, designed to support the growing demand for high-volume data transfer from the factory floor.

These cables transmit data up to 10Gb/s and provide ruggedized and flexible connections required in environments built for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

“The connectivity required by the IIoT is driving the trend toward more data at lower levels of the automation pyramid – including within individual sensors and actuators – and the need for an easier way to manage critical information,” said Loredana Negriu, product manager at Belden. “With these new high-capacity PROFINET cables, customers gain an immediate way to move data in large volumes, and at high speeds, from the factory floor to the rest of the operation.”

Depending on the application’s needs, two types of DataTuff Cat6A PROFINET cables are available – Type A (stationary) and Type B (flexing). Both are designed in UL-style with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) and polyurethane (PUR) jacket materials. 

The new cabling enhances Belden’s entire PROFINET product family, and with Hirschmann switches and Lumberg Automation connectivity components, engineers have a single source for all Ethernet-based devices and support services.

Click here for more information on DataTuff Cat6A PROFINET cables.

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