Big Surprise, Android Trojans Growing

Thursday, December 13, 2012 @ 04:12 PM gHale

Android users in North America and Europe beware: The malware that targets users the most wants to steal money.

These are the results of a study performed by security firm Bitdefender with the aid of its mobile security solution, between January 1 and December 1, 2012.

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The countries most likely affected with money-stealing Android malware are the United States (16%), France (15%), Romania (15%), the United Kingdom (10%) and Germany (9%).

In Asia, however, the environment is different, aggressive adware being the most problematic. While technically the adware is not malware, it can be a pain because it disrupts the user experience.

Instead of stealing money, adware and aggressive adware change browser search engines, display numerous advertisements, and place shortcuts on the device’s desktop.

These threats also eat up a lot of resources, in some case making the device completely unresponsive.

Compared to the first half of 2012, malware and adware reports recorded an increase of 292% over the second half of the year.

The most prevalent money-stealing Trojans are Android.Trojan.SMSSend and Android.Trojan.FakeInst, accounting for 67% of all reported global malware.

“European and North American Android users need to be weary of Android Trojans that reach for their pockets. During 2013 we expect to see a rampant increase of malware, directly proportional with the number of users that acquire Android devices,” said Bitdefender Chief Security Strategist, Catalin Cosoi.

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