Blue Coat Deals for Analytics Firm

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 @ 03:05 PM gHale

Sunnyvale, CA-based security firm Blue Coat acquired Solera Networks in a move to offer new analytics-based services.

Blue Coat said this is the opening step in a wider strategy shift designed to fix problems in most businesses’ outdated, productivity-hampering, perimeter-based cyber defenses.

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“Many companies are frustrated by the barriers that traditional security networks in IT are putting in place, relative to what’s available,” said Blue Coat president David Murphy. “We’re not saying you shouldn’t continue to do some of the core things, just that there a couple of key arenas that have been missing. We’re closing to acquire Solera Networks, which is a leader in the ability to bring this deep inspection, recording capability and intelligence to the business as well as the security team.”

Murphy declined to disclose the financial details of the acquisition, but did confirm it will see Blue Coat take control of the intelligence analytics and cyber forensics firm’s 300 customers and 140 employees. The figure adds to Blue Coat’s 15,000 customer base.

Solera’s technology will create several new service centers for Blue Coat users. These include a Business Assurance Technology Resolution Center, a Policy Enforcement Center, a Mobility Empowerment Center, a Trusted Application Center and a Performance Center. The centers will offer businesses real-time analytics on their networks, making it easier for managers to mitigate threats and implement flexible device and application management policies.

“Solera’s software acts like a security camera on the network, providing a detailed record of all packets, flows and files to detect and analyze the full scope of today’s advanced targeted attacks,” said Steve Shillingford, chief executive at Solera Networks. “Along with the big data security analytics and intelligence needed to see Zero Day threats and advanced cyber attacks in real-time, Solera DeepSee provides … forensics to help enterprises answer critical post-breach questions on the nature of the attack and how to prevent it in the future.”

“There are about 1.2 billion mobile applications in the market place today,” Murphy said. “The old model of trying to classify them by brute force doesn’t work. We’ve built technology that allows you to bring all of those applications into a managed environment in an analytically-based way using an intelligence-based approach. What Solera does is allow you to create a kind of Tivo of the entire set of activities that’s gone on for six months or a year.”

Murphy highlighted the recent influx of targeted attacks hitting enterprise networks as further proof of the need for a change in strategy. “When one of these advanced attacks appears, one of the challenges now is that what you find at the instant it attacks has nothing really to do with the last three to six months of activity that led to that server being compromised,” he said.

“We believe in order to be agile, you need the intelligence to go back to the cause, get full scope and redeploy defense measures around these advanced threats, which are much more personalized than the generic ones that have targeted network security in the past.”

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