Brine Spill at ND Oil Well

Thursday, February 19, 2015 @ 12:02 PM gHale

A pump leak caused a spill of 21,000 gallons of saltwater that ended up contained on-site at an oil well in Divide County, ND.

The North Dakota Oil and Gas Division said the spill at a well site about 5 miles south of Fortuna ended up reported Sunday. Murex Petroleum Corp. reported that 500 barrels of saltwater ended up contained and recovered on site. One barrel holds 42 gallons.

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Saltwater, or brine, is a byproduct of oil production in a fracking environment.

A pump leak was the cause of the spill, officials said. A state inspector visited the site.

Saltwater, or brine spills, are occurring with more regularity in North Dakota.

In January, overflowing tanks released nearly 40,000 gallons of oil and brine northwest of Williston, ND, state officials said.

Oasis Petroleum reported 490 barrels of oil and 455 barrels of produced water brine, or saltwater, released about 11 miles northwest of Williston, said North Dakota Department of Health officials. Crews have recovered 487 barrels of oil and 454 barrels of brine.

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