Camera sensor for paper making

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 @ 11:06 AM gHale

Honeywell unveiled a new scanning camera called Precision FotoSurf for paper making. Precision FotoSurf is a surface topography sensor that helps paper and board makers improve product quality while cutting down on waste and lowering production costs. The sensor works for manufacturing all printing paper and board grades, where product surface characteristics are important, minimizing the need for manual monitoring by mill personnel.
Precision FotoSurf’s camera and illumination technology automatically adjusts to varying machine speeds and sheet surface characteristics to capture high-quality sheet surface images.
This automated approach helps reduce variations in web smoothness/roughness profiles which can cause a range of imperfections in paper and board products – and in turn cause printability problems. The sensor allows mill personnel to electronically monitor web surface characteristics throughout the entire production process, facilitating immediate corrective action if a product deviates from standards.
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