Caribbean Isle Malicious Domain of Choice

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 @ 04:07 PM gHale

Cyber criminals are increasingly relying on .lc domains in their malicious campaigns.

The .lc domain is a country code top level domain for Santa Lucia, a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

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The number of malicious URLs on the .lc domain has increased considerably over the last year, said researchers at Kaspersky Labs.

Cyber bad guys from all over the world are abusing such domains, said Kaspersky’s Dmitry Bestuzhev. In addition, cyber criminals from Brazil are abusing free web hosting services from Santa Lucia.

Most Internet users have never and will probably never access websites hosted on .lc domains. This is why experts recommend to filter access to such domains.

In addition to .lc domains, experts have also warned of the increasing use of .pw (Palau) domains by cyber criminals.

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