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Filling the Cyber Talent Gap with Managed Security Services

One of the most well-known facts about industrial control system cybersecurity is there is a serious lack of qualified experts to fill vital roles at manufacturing enterprises.

Closing Pandora’s Box with Managed Security Services

There is an unsung hero these days that remains a steady but sure backbone as digitalization continues its march forward allowing for unprecedented growth and productivity in the manufacturing sector – cybersecurity.

How Process Safety Management Plays a Role in Sustainability

It is no secret global warming is continuing to grow and present a problem for the world. It is also no secret the manufacturing sector is a large contributor to this world-wide dilemma, however, as the industry heads toward a lofty, but achievable goal of carbon neutrality, safety can play a vital role.

Energy Transformation and Process Safety Management

Ethylene production is a highly hazardous environment, where the process works under very high pressures, very high temperatures, and fast thermal reactions. Everyone in the industry has done a good job of making ethylene crackers safe and efficient where it is possible to reuse the steam to help drive power generation. But the next move, and it will be sooner than you think, is electrification will start to take over to fire up the furnaces and fossil fuels become obsolete.

Keeping Process Safety Management In Scope with Digitalization

There is a dichotomy of sorts going on across the industry: Digitalization is taking hold where manufacturers are connecting devices to garner all kinds of information to create more informed decision-making and increase productivity, but the fear is safety could be left in the technological dust.

Growing Age of Industry 5.0 and Process Safety

There was a time not too long ago a grizzled veteran operator could walk into a plant and just by listening to the buzz of the process, he or she would know the process was running properly. A true human-centric observation.

Spotlight on Smart Building Cybersecurity

It wasn’t that long ago when an attacker was able to gain access into the network a Las Vegas casino through a thermostat connected to a fish tank, and then pivot to compromise the database of high roller gamblers.

Protecting Against Ransomware Attacks

Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, Toshiba, CNA Financial are just a few of the well-known ransomware attacks that have caught the public’s eye over the past year or so.

Securing the Supply Chain: Ensuring a Trust Relationship

Leonardtown, Maryland, Town Administrator Laschelle McKay was going about her day when she learned the town’s entire network was shut down. The town’s IT company is a client of management and security software provider, Kaseya, which earlier had suffered an attack where hackers had gotten in and added malicious code.

Cybersecurity: Foundation for Digital Transformation

We need to change our mindset around cybersecurity. Manufacturers can’t just flip a switch and turn off its operations, especially when a process runs for years at a time. With that in mind, operators, engineers, and executives have to be able to adjust and work with what is happening out on the plant floor as a part of everyday life.

Project Awareness: Don’t Bolt On Security, Build It In

A request for a quote (RFQ) or request for information (RFI) comes out and the excitement is palpable because the manufacturer is now going to get the upgraded system it has needed forever, and suppliers are going to help their customer grow and gain efficiencies while they generate added revenue. A classic win-win.

Protecting Non-Critical Infrastructure

A cyber attack occurs and the first thing all experts think about is protecting the critical infrastructure, and deservedly so, but an equally key aspect is understanding and protecting the critical infrastructure for manufacturers within non-critical infrastructure industries.

Cybersecurity in the New Normal

The human spirit. Not one to rely on the tried and true, but, rather, always ready to acquire, react and respond to whatever daunting issue it is facing. Human spirit will rise to any occasion and come forward with ideas and innovations to counteract – and conquer – any kind of adversity.

Securing Digital Transformation

An Internet-enabled industrial CCTV system went live online not too long ago and in three short minutes the camera started to get malicious traffic requests. Think about it: One system placed on the massive Internet and it started getting attacks in three minutes.

Mindset Changing on Safety and Profitability

Safety systems continue working silently in the background, chugging along keeping a constant vigil over manufacturing operations to ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

Safety, Connectivity and IIoT

Increased connectivity across any manufacturing enterprise, from the oil and gas industry all the way to making buttons for a clothing line, has the potential to hike business intelligence, productivity and profitability.

Security: People as a Strength

It wasn’t that long ago when a German steel mill fell victim to a cyber attack that resulted in parts of the plant failing and a blast furnace workers could not shut down through normal methods.

How to Start a Security Program

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick; there is no way to stop a second hand, which shifts to minutes and then hours and then days. Like waves crashing on the shore, time keeps moving no matter what.

Safety and Profitability

Safety technology and the professionals behind it provide a solid assurance the process and facility remain safe and sound on a daily basis, there is no doubt. While that is a vital element of process automation, there can be so much more.

Making Time for Security

Not too long ago, a young Polish boy found a hole in the network of a European tram system. He was able to get into the system, navigate his way around and then, using a television remote, he was able to switch tracks using the infrared device on the remote.


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