Technology Update

Developing a Better Bird’s Eye View

A new type of camera inspired by the structures and functions of bird’s eyes to accurate see and find prey is in development that can accurately detect distant objects.

New Material Stores Infrastructure Stress Levels

Identifying crumbling physical infrastructure is sometimes as difficult as rectifying it, but that process could be much easier because of a new material under development.

‘Moving Trees’ for Stronger Security

One-time passwords (OTPs) has become a mainstay in our procedures for secure user verification in sensitive applications, such as government and financial services.

Tool to Protect Hardware from Attack

Securing hardware is not often thought of when it comes of cybersecurity, but there are now new technologies in development that can monitor and protect computer chips and other hardware from malicious attacks.

Animal Brain Inspired AI for Autonomous Robots

A drone is now in development that can fly autonomously using neuromorphic image processing and control based on the workings of animal brains.

Reducing Risk of Electric Vehicle Fires

There is an aluminum alloy for electric vehicles in development that dramatically improves thermal stability, which could provide a safer environment for the battery.

How to Sense Odors with Less

Humans’ sense of smell has evolved into a sophisticated system that processes scents through several intricate stages and most times they can pick up something like a dangerous level of fumes from a toxic chemical.

Device Provides Speedy, Secure, Sustainable Future

A new device that can process information using a small amount of light could enable energy-efficient and secure communications.

Chip Cuts Out Common Attacks

A machine-learning accelerator that is resistant to the two most common types of attacks: Side-channel and bus-probing.

Tool Finds Open Source Software Revisions

A new tool can analyze open-source software updates to specify which sections of code end up modified to address recently identified security vulnerabilities.

E-skin Gives Robots a Human Touch

A stretchy electronic skin could equip robots and other devices with the same softness and touch sensitivity as human skin, opening up new possibilities to perform tasks that require a great deal of precision and control of force.

Processor Issue can Lead to Cyberattacks

There are two types of attacks that target the conditional branch predictor found in high-end Intel processors, which could compromise billions of processors currently in use.

Stopping Ransomware Before it Starts

Malware and ransomware pose two of the greatest, and fastest-growing, cyber threats in the world today.

EU Project Aims for Safety Between Robots, Humans

As robots become more commonplace in the industrial environment, one fear that remains is how can humans and robots interact in a safe manner.

Gamers’ Tricks can Eliminate Software Bugs

Global median dwell time for attackers, the number of days a threat actor is on a system from compromise to detection, —continued its downward trend in 2023, and is now 10 days, down from 16 days last year, a new report found.

Software Vulnerability Analysis Tool in Development

Within the industrial sector, software has become so vital to assuring processes run smoothly and efficiently that even the a small hiccup in coding can cause major issues which is why secure software systems remain a topic of concern.

Securing Quantum Computing

Next-generation quantum computing could soon end up harnessed by millions of individuals and companies, thanks to a breakthrough by scientists at Oxford University Physics guaranteeing security and privacy.

Browser Vulnerability Allows Side Channel Attacks

The scripting language JavaScript can utilize the resources of the graphics processing unit (GPU) of browsers via programming interfaces such as WebGL and the new WebGPU standard. However, there is risk involved.

Advanced Gas Sensing, Odor Detection with E-nose

For decades, artificial olfaction and electronic noses attempted to emulate the intricate mechanism of the biological olfactory system to effectively discern complex scents.

Blocking Robot’s Vision for Privacy

From robotic vacuum cleaners and smart fridges to baby monitors and delivery drones, the smart devices now welcomed into workplaces and even homes use vision to take in their surroundings, taking videos and images.


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