Partnerships Growing: We All Need to Work Together

We all need to work together.

Russia Attacked Water Utility, But Understand the Real Need

A Russia-linked hacking group apparently carried out a cyberattack on small Texas water facilities, but before anyone overacts, let’s put this in perspective and understand the real needs here.

Advance Security to Remain Protected, Resilient

It is now mid-year report season as multiple organizations continue to show they are on top of their game and cybersecurity issues remain at fever pitch for manufacturing companies in multiple sectors across the globe.

National Cyber Plan: ‘Ambitious, But Falls Short on Specifics’

No one can deny the federal government’s desire and need to stay ahead of the growing global threat of cybersecurity attackers, and when President Biden’s National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan released last week, the issue is it seems to be all talk and the potential for more regulation.

Similar Attacks? Just Look at the Facts

While similarities often abound when a cyber event occurs, that does not make them similar or related, but the problem is “experts” will often attempt to make them appear dramatic so they can seem relevant or on top of their game.

National Cybersecurity Strategy: Talk is Cheap

Now that the dust has settled from the initial release of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, everyone can see the document talks about key issues and what the government wants to see happen to ensure a secure digital future.

Resiliency to the Rescue in Cloud Outage

No matter the issue whether it is a supply chain attack, ransomware, an outage in cloud connectivity or anything in between, a manufacturer’s ability to remain resilient in the face of adversity can mean the difference between staying up and running or having the system grind to a halt stopping revenue-generating production.

Physical, Cyber Security: Build in Resiliency

Here we go again. A North Carolina utility substation suffered damage by gunfire Tuesday, but this time no outages resulted.

Vigilance, Resiliency a State of Mind

When Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger took control of US Airways flight 1549 that suffered a bird strike shutting down both engines, within seconds he knew what to do and how to react because he had simulated emergency those emergency procedures time and time again.

What Ever Happened to Thinking on Your Own?

Years ago in the field of education, teaching was all about students learning and being taught to think in their own. Ask questions and learn. When an exam was coming up and if students asked what was on it, the teacher would just say go over your notes, read and understand what we have talked about and you will do just fine.

Don’t Just Sit Around Shouting into the Wind, Take Action

It was a hot summer day this past July with a beach full of folks enjoying their vacation getting ready for the Fourth of July when a terrified woman starting shouting her little girl was being pulled further out into the ocean.

OT Cybersecurity: The Backbone to Industrial Digitalization

Focused types of attacks like ransomware remain a problem but focusing on one type of attack versus others is like driving your car through bad weather. Yes, keeping your eye on the road in front of you is the smart choice, but not protecting against the drivers and conditions on either side or behind you is just as dangerous.

Create Your Cybersecurity Vision

There are rare people out in the industry that truly have an understanding of what is coming before anyone else and has an original idea about what the future will or could look like – a true visionary.

Rising Attacks Becoming Simplistically Sophisticated

With an increase in ransomware attacks and fears of cyber incursions based off Russia invading Ukraine, it seems over the past few weeks a haze of uncertainty has hovered over the manufacturing automation sector like a white pillowy cloud separating the peak of a mountain from its base.

Think Security Not Just Ransomware

By Gregory HaleRansomware certainly has been the hot news topic across the United States over the past few weeks after attacks on a huge pipeline company, a huge meat packing company, a ferry line and insurance companies just to name a few. The federal …

Incident Database ICS STRIVE Launches

By Gregory HaleCyber incidents continue to occur across the manufacturing automation industry, but finding them and then trying to understand any kind of connection has been difficult to understand. Just this week alone, there were reports on four cybe …

Insurrection Aftermath: Safety, Security Needs Vigilance

By Gregory HaleHundreds of millions of citizens across the world watch in horror January 6 as the United States’ Capitol suffered a brutal attack not only in a physical manner, but also on the nation’s very soul. Make no mistake about it, whether you w …

Forget Hyperbole: Stay True to Security Message

By Gregory Hale One of the good things that occurred after last week’s news from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) involving Russian attackers being able to penetrate the networks of hundreds of U.S. utilities is the idea of companies operating …

Age of Misdirection: Stay Focused, Safe, Secure

By Gregory Hale Here we sit in this age of misdirection where an outlandish set of noise is set off in one direction while the real operation is working somewhere else. It is a classic diversionary tactic. While that could refer to a tweet storm sent o …

Safety System Attack: Plan to Wake Up Industry

By Gregory Hale It is so easy to point fingers. “You did it, no, you did it.” “Someone else did it, not me.” Looking at the attack on Schneider Electric’s Triconex safety system that occurred last August but was just revealed in December, it would be v …


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