Chem Spill Forces Evac at WI Cheese Plant

Monday, October 16, 2017 @ 04:10 PM gHale

Montchevre Goat Cheese plant evacuated Friday after an employee accidentally mixed two chemicals at the Belmont, WI, facility.

An employee became aware that two chemicals were mixed inside the plant, creating a concerning combination, said Arnaud Solandt, co-founder and president of the Montchevre.

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Employees ended up evacuated from the plant and Belmont emergency services were called.

Solandt said a few employees were taken to a local hospital to receive medical attention. He said those employees were not injured but taken to get medical evaluations as a precautionary measure.

He said around noon on Friday employees were let back in to the building after it had been cleared by local emergency crews.

Solandt said his primary concern is ensuring the safety of the employees at the plant who were exposed to the chemical combination.

He said the investigation in to what those chemicals were and how they affected employees is still ongoing.

He said the company’s co-founder, John Rossard, is at the facility in Belmont monitoring the situation.

The company is headquartered in Rolling Hills Estates, CA. The website lists Wisconsin as one of the states where farmers supply goat milk for their cheese. The company’s website lists the Belmont facility as the location where all of their cheese is made.

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