Chemical Leak Contained at LA Plant

Thursday, August 18, 2016 @ 04:08 PM gHale

A shelter in place lifted after workers contained a sulfuric acid leak Saturday at the Honeywell Plant in Geismar, LA, Iberville Parish Sheriff officials said.

The all clear came for thousands to open their windows and turn their AC back on after certification both on-site and off-site, said officials at the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

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The shelter in place call ended up issued Saturday night for Geismar, the Carville area, the St. Gabriel area, and everything south of Hwy. 74 in Ascension Parish. This area included two prisons in St. Gabriel.

Highways 74 (closed from Elayn Hunt Correctional Center to 3115), Highway 3115, and Highway 30 (from truck stop in St. Gabriel to Hwy. 73 in Ascension Parish) and Hwy. 75 (River Road) are now open.

There were no injuries in the incident.

A spokesperson with Honeywell released the following statement Saturday:

“Honeywell’s Geismar facility experienced a leak of sulfuric acid this evening. The facility’s emergency response team is working to mitigate and stop the leak. The plant has instructed employees of the site and two neighboring sites to shelter in place as a precaution. The facility also notified state police of the incident as per plant procedure.”

The following day, a spokesman released another statement:

The sulfuric acid leak at the Honeywell Geismar plant was stopped at approximately 11 p.m. Saturday evening and the shelter in place for employees of the site and neighboring sites was lifted soon after. Louisiana DEQ officials were on-site during the incident and the plant is cooperating with the DEQ and local authorities. The plant is conducting a thorough investigation of incident.

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