Chemical Leak Hurts 1, Forces Evac

Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 04:03 PM gHale

One person suffered an injury and 22 people ended up forced to evacuate Tuesday afternoon from the Quick Transit Corp building on East Frontage Street in Brownsville, TX, after a chemical leak, fire officials said.

A man was admitted to the hospital after unsuccessfully attempting to plug the leak himself and getting chemicals on his face and hands, said Brownsville Fire Chief Carlos Elizondo said.

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“The gentleman was decontaminated on scene. He was taken to Valley Baptist Medical Center (in Brownsville) for treatment,” Elizondo said. “He didn’t show anything other than redness, but our concern is mainly inhalation and the eyes, which he did complain about.”

The chemical was identified as UN2922, a toxic, corrosive liquid. The active ingredient is glutaraldehyde.

Multiple units responded to the incident. Engine 1 was on scene with two first-responder units, two ambulances, the HazMat unit, the training division and the fire marshal’s division.

“The HazMat crew did interior recon to see what the chemical was and to see if we could stop the leak. They were able to plug it up for now,” Elizondo said.

Elizondo said the fire marshal’s division will be opening an investigation into the chemical leak and to see whether the workers were authorized to carry it.

“Some permits are required to carry these types of chemicals,” Elizondo said.

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