Chemical spill Forces Evacuation

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 @ 11:06 AM gHale

A chemical spill at Chem-Cast Ltd. forced the evacuation and shutdown of the plant as well as the evacuation of a preschool at Second Church of Christ east of Danville, IL, as a safety precaution, according to Danville Assistant Fire Chief Tom Pruitt.

There is a 300-gallon tote on the back side of the building at 1009 Lynch Spur, Danville, that has some type of epoxy in it that is leaking and putting off heat and a vapor cloud, he said. Pruitt said something caused a chemical reaction in the epoxy, but the vapor cloud poses no threat to anyone.

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Along with the fire department’s hazmat crew, Pruitt said, a cleanup crew with Bodine Environmental from Decatur is on the scene, and they are in touch with the manufacturers of the product, who have told them to just let it continue “to do what it wants to do,” which could take hours or days.

Pruitt said firefighters created a berm to contain the liquid that’s leaking from the tank that was about three-quarters full, and in addition to evacuating Chem-Cast employees, the department also shut down the plant to eliminate any possible sources that could ignite the chemical.

Pruitt said the department decided to also evacuate Second Church of Christ across Lynch Road because it has a preschool there.

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