Chemical Spill Fumes Force Neighbors Inside

Friday, June 13, 2014 @ 06:06 PM gHale

A chemical spill Tuesday at a Bucks County plastics plant sent acrid fumes into the air and spoiled carnival day after children ended up forced inside at a nearby elementary school.

About five gallons of ethyl acrylate spilled at Arkema, a resins plant in Bristol Township, PA. Workers were able to quickly contain the spill and clean it up, but the chemical has an extremely strong odor and can take some time to dissipate, official said.

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The smell was so strong that students at Mary Devine Elementary School — about four miles away — ended up forced inside from their annual sports carnival.

There were no injuries reported. Company officials said the fumes may cause eye, skin, or respiratory irritation, and anyone in the area experiencing those symptoms should seek medical help.

Township officials were investigating the spill.

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