Chemical Spill Kills One; Injures Another

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 @ 09:11 AM gHale

Roman Torres, 55, of Horicon, WI, man died and another worker injured following a chemical spill at a manufacturing plant in Dodge County, according to Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls.

Thomas Persha, 65, also of Horicon remained in critical condition.

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Persha’s wife found the two men unconscious at 3:45 p.m. Monday at Vivid Image Inc. in Theresa, Nehls said. Vivid Image Inc. is located at Highway 28 and County highway TW in Theresa, WI.

Rescue crews said the victims were the only two employees at plant.

“These individuals seemed to be working with this substance in an enclosed area,” Nehls said. The Hazmat team responded to the call to deal with what authorities believe was a glue-type material that accidentally mixed with something else, creating deadly fumes.

“They both have inhalation hazards, they smell real bad and if you inhaled enough they would be of danger,” said Joe Meagher, Dodge County Emergency Management.

Rescue crews who responded to the scene had to undergo a decontamination procedure.

“Basically we’re removing the hazards and chemicals from their gear, and then respiratory evaluations and medical evaluation so they can return back to their jobs,” said Chief Warren Stanke, of the Theresa Fire Department.

The medical examiner won’t be able to perform the autopsy until Tuesday because of the chemicals on Torres’ body. Investigators said they won’t know the full story of what happened until they can talk to Persha.

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