Users who search for “google chrome download” on Yahoo! could very well end up with a malware infection. That is because some of the sponsored ads point to a website called softpack(dot)info/chrome.

The “free software website” urges users to install applications through their own download manager, WeDownload Manager, said researchers from Threat Track Security.

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This practice is not uncommon for websites that offer free software downloads. However, the installers usually end up bundled with adware. In this case, the Google Chrome installer offered on the site is a version of the Sirefef/ZeroAccess malware.

When executed, the installer deletes itself and installs Adobe Flash Player. In the background, it starts infecting the victim’s computer. Once installed, the malware disables Windows security features to enable attackers to download other threats.

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The moral of the story is if you want to download software, do it from trusted websites. Try to avoid websites that ask you to download software via third-party installers.


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