City Boosts Security After Hack Test

Monday, October 15, 2012 @ 04:10 PM gHale

It should be simple right? A local college professor wanted to show how easy it is to hack into a system. But your system is secure, correct?

Not so for city officials in Rexburg, ID, who ended up scared enough to start to boost the protection of its network. Small city, big security holes.

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Brigham Young University-Idaho Professor Steven Rigby needed fewer than eight hours to hack his way into the network. Once inside, Rigby said he essentially had access to whatever he wanted.

After the hacking exercise, a city committee is now recommending a plan to modernize its computer systems and tighten security.

Rigby says he had the potential to delete or edit files, download malicious programs and to identify password security codes.

The city has nearly 200 individual computer work stations supported by 19 servers. But over time, additions and modifications have weakened security.

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