Coal Plant Cleans Creek Slurry Spill

Monday, January 26, 2015 @ 01:01 PM gHale

A leak of thousands of gallons of a nontoxic scrubber material into a stream from a storage tank at the Bruce Mansfield coal-fired power plant in Beaver County, PA, did not contaminate water supplies, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) said last week.

As much as 4,000 gallons of the mixture of water and coal slurry leaked into Haden Run creek, which flows into the Ohio River, from a partially collapsed holding tank at the Shippingport plant, said John Poister, a DEP spokesman.

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There is no threat to the public or environmental impact, Poister said. The department did not fine the plant operator, FirstEnergy Corp., but will investigate the case, he said.

The leak occurred Wednesday morning and the cause of the collapsed taken remains unknown, said Stephanie Walton, a spokeswoman for Akron, OH-based FirstEnergy.

The company said it is removing the solid slurry material from the creek and expected to finish the cleanup by the end of last week, she said.

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