Companies’ Security Approach Outdated

Thursday, October 16, 2014 @ 05:10 PM gHale

While it is no surprise, but quite a few companies continue to struggle to keep their networks secure against rapidly evolving, and more sophisticated cyber threats.

Despite the rising complexity in the technological and regulatory landscapes, companies still typically rely on outdated methods to keep data secure, according to new research from Frost & Sullivan.

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There is no doubt complications abound with BYOD, social media, smartphones, virtualization, and cloud services. They have significantly complicated the process of securing networks and sensitive data. The problem is quite a few companies failed to adjust their security approaches accordingly.

A study conducted by Frost & Sullivan and (ISC)2 revealed out of 12,396 respondents, 42 percent ranked social media as a top security concern. On the same hand, 25 percent of organizations admitted they were not addressing this attack surface.

Cyber crime today is big business and bad guys remain motivated, skilled, coordinated, and well-funded than ever before. Yet companies continue to rely on outdated detection methods like antivirus that only protects against known threats or provide information about attacks after they happen.

Organizations also use discrete solutions to manage each new threat vector, emerging technology and regulatory requirement. However, by investing in several point products, businesses are finding the process to maintain these solutions to be unmanageable. In addition, those systems are often unable to share data with each other, which reduces their effectiveness.

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