Cyber Attack Report: Outages Last 50 Hours

Thursday, December 2, 2010 @ 08:12 AM gHale

The average global outage times for cyber attacks is coming in at 50 hours or just over six working days, according to Security firm Symantec’s disaster recovery report.
It also seems politically-motivated attacks were on the rise, with the average attack costing $850,000 over five years, according to the report.
The latest report found up to 40 percent of disaster recovery attempts fail due to inadequate infrastructure and short budgets. In those attempts, respondents said they did not meet recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives.
System upgrades end up being painful also as 93 percent of respondents saying they caused an outage lasting more than a day.
Sixty percent of respondents also said disaster recover plans to do not include virtual systems.
Symantec said 84 percent of respondents sought to re-evaluate their disaster recovery plan after introducing virtualization, and about 18 percent performed multiple data backups each week.
Almost 50 percent of global respondents said a lack of primary and backup storage hampers the ability to protect mission-critical data he same.
“Businesses have not yet mastered the art of managing data across [virtual] environments, leaving mission-critical applications and data unprotected,” said Paul Lancaster, Symantec systems engineer director.
As a part of the report, Symantec recommends businesses:
• Treat all environments the same
• Use integrated tool sets
• Simplify data protection processes
• Plan and automate to minimize downtime
• And don’t cut corners: Organizations should implement basic technologies and processes that protect in case of an outage, and not take shortcuts that could have disastrous consequences.
The report was the sixth annual data recovery survey by the company. It polled 1700 enterprises across the globe with at least 5000 staff.

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