Cyber Attacks Top Continuity Threat

Monday, February 23, 2015 @ 06:02 PM gHale

Cyber-attacks are now the top threat to business continuity, according to a study by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI).

An annual survey by the firm showed that four-fifths of business continuity managers were afraid they would fall victim to a cyber-attack, just above concerns around unplanned IT outages and data breaches.

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“The world faces diverse problems from cybercrime and political unrest to supply chain vulnerabilities and health hazards,” said Lyndon Bird, a fellow at the BCI and BCI technical director. “No longer can those working in the field believe they can resolve all their problems themselves. As an industry we must work together with our fellow practitioners to deal with the complexity of these threats.”

The report, titled Horizon Scan, also showed a decline in the use of trend analysis for those responsible for business continuity, with a fifth of firms not investing in protective discipline while a similar amount were not using trend analytics at all.

Analysis of small businesses also showed half were adhering to standards for business continuity, though the lack of historical data meant it was unknown what direction the trend was moving in.

“Globalization has brought the world’s conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters and crime closer to home,” said Howard Kerr, chief executive of the British Standards Institution, which also worked on the report.

“Failing to apply best practice leaves organizations and their employees, business partners and customers at risk.”

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