Cyber Report: Data Remains at Risk

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 @ 11:04 PM gHale

Companies remain very aware of the threat of a financial attack and take precautions, but they don’t prepare for the risk of cyber espionage, according to a new report issued in the UK.

Firms do not take the data security threat very seriously and many have not taken appropriate steps to prevent an attack, according to security research company Ovum.

Data security of corporate documents such as product and technology blueprints or customer lists is paramount, as criminals are realizing it has the potential to be more valuable than bank details, said Ovum Principal Analyst Graham Titterington.

“The home computer networks and personal lives of individuals may be the weakest part in the corporate security defenses. Personal information may reveal passwords and other credentials, and some individuals may even be susceptible to blackmail,” Titterington said.

A report from the Office of Cyber Security and Detica revealed the average UK business loses around $16,563 (£10,000) per year to cyber espionage, extortion and online fraud.

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