Data analytics services provider, Sisense, suffered a data compromise and in an effort to stem the tide of potential attacks, the federal government is getting involved to help.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) urged Sisense’s customers to reset passwords and other credentials that may have suffered exposure or ended up used to access Sisense’s services and to report any suspicious activity.

Sisense said in a statement that it was “aware of the matter,” was in touch with law enforcement, and had hired experts to deal with the issue but released few other details and did not respond to further questions.

News of the breach was first reported by journalist Brian Krebs, who said “many millions of credentials” could have ended up affected.

CISA urges Sisense customers to:

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  • Reset credentials and secrets potentially exposed to, or used to access, Sisense services
    Investigate – and report to CISA – any suspicious activity involving credentials potentially exposed to, or used to access, Sisense service
  • CISA is taking an active role in collaborating with private industry partners to respond to this incident, especially as it relates to impacted critical infrastructure sector organizations.

One industry professional says this was a supply chain attack.

“These types of software supply chain attacks are only possible through compromised developer credentials and account information from an employee or contractor,” said Jim Routh, chief trust officer at Saviynt. “This incident highlights the need for enterprises to improve (Identity Access Management) IAM capabilities for cloud-based services and third parties.”


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