DE Gas Pipeline Wins Approval

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 @ 04:08 PM gHale

A plan to extend natural gas transmission lines in Delaware’s New Castle and Kent counties won approval from federal regulators.

Eastern Shore Natural Gas (ESNG), a subsidiary of Dover, DE-based Chesapeake Utilities Corp., wants to install more than 10 miles of underground pipelines and build new compression facilities in an effort to add redundancy to its transmission infrastructure.

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The $32 million project should start up in September with an anticipated completion in late 2017.

“Addressing changes in operating conditions, including the extreme weather conditions we experienced in the polar vortex during the winter of 2015, will contribute to the continued reliable and safe service that is at the center of our company’s mission,” said Steven Thompson, president of ESNG.

The project will include running 2.5 miles of 16-inch piping near Porter Road in Bear and 7.6 miles from west Dover to Camden. An additional 1,775 horsepower of compression also will be added to ESNG’s existing Bridgeville Compressor Station in Sussex County.

The new lines will run parallel with existing pipes, said ESNG vice president Jeffrey Tietbohl.

“The full plans are not yet laid out,” he said. “But we will be following major thoroughfare’s using existing rights-of-way and easements granted by property owners.”

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