DoE Hit in Cyber Attack

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 @ 05:02 PM gHale

Computer networks at the Energy Department (DoE) suffered a big hit by sophisticated hackers in a major cyber incident two weeks ago and personal information on several hundred employees ended up compromised.

Energy Department officials, along with FBI agents, are investigating the attack on servers at the Washington headquarters. They believe the sophisticated attack did not just steal personal information, but rather possibly gained future access to classified and other sensitive information.

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No classified information ended up compromised in this attack, officials said. Energy Department and FBI spokesmen declined to comment.

Officials said they do not know the source or identity of the cyber attacker. However, the relative sophistication of the cyber attack is an indication of nation-state involvement.

The attack came to light Friday from DoE security officials and is still under investigation. Officials are working to determine the exact nature of the attack and the extent of potential damage. The personal data compromised involves information related to several hundred people, the officials said. A total of 14 computer servers and 20 workstations at the headquarters fell victim to the attack.

The department is planning steps to plug security holes in its network revealed by the attack, the officials said.

Efforts also are underway to prevent future attacks through increased monitoring of networks and the use of specialized cyber defense tools, they said.

The compromised data is “personally identifiable information” that can be used by criminals or foreign intelligence services for illicit purposes, in information security terms.

The U.S. government defines this type of information as: full name; national identification number, such as a Social Security number; Internet Protocol addresses; vehicle and driver’s license numbers; face, fingerprint or handwriting samples; credit card numbers; digital identity; date of birth; birthplace; and genetic information.

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  1. […] DoE Hit en Cyber ​​Attack “Las redes de ordenadores del Departamento de Energía (DoE) sufrió un gran éxito por los hackers sofisticados en un importante incidente cibernético hace dos semanas y la información personal en varios cientos de empleados terminaron comprometidos. Funcionarios del Departamento de Energía, junto con agentes del FBI están investigando el ataque a servidores en la sede de Washington. Ellos creen que el ataque sofisticado no acaba de robar información personal, sino que posiblemente tuvo acceso futuro a información sensible y clasificada otro …. ” Team Cymru Internet Security News […]

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