OT cybersecurity provider, Dragos Inc., signed multiple partnerships with insurance providers, brokers, and legal firms in an effort to create an incident command structure comprising internal and external teams prepared to communicate with each other to respond quickly to cyber events and minimize damages.

This is especially important for operational technology networks, where cyberattacks can result in physical process disruption and destruction.

“OT cyberattacks are complex and can have harmful consequences in the physical world,” said Mark Stacey, director of strategy at Dragos. “We share a common goal with cyber-focused insurance and legal firms who are integral to an organization’s cybersecurity: To successfully prepare and protect our customers. These partnerships enable improved risk management and enhance disaster recovery, business continuity, and cybersecurity program plans for OT organizations.”

In the event of an OT cybersecurity incident, timing is critical. The partnerships help to streamline communications and pre-configure roles and responsibilities for technical responders, plant personnel, insurance carriers, brokers, and legal firms.

With these partnerships, carriers verified Dragos as offering the technology, expertise, and resources needed to effectively respond to OT cyber incidents. These partnerships also enable efficiencies and synergies that enable more comprehensive incident response, refine impact potential, and improve cyber resiliency.

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Dragos signed partnerships with the following:

  • Antigen Security
  • AEGIS Insurance
  • Arch Insurance
  • McGriff Insurance Services
  • Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLC

The Dragos Platform offers OT network visibility and monitoring, enabling users to identify and inventory assets, manage and prioritize vulnerabilities, and detect threats with context from OT cyber threat intelligence. Users can initiate investigations using relevant activity logs, timeline views, and response playbooks authored by Dragos experts, ensuring an approach to incident investigation and response plan activation.

“Dragos is leading the way with innovative solutions that boost the security and resilience of operational technology and critical infrastructure,” said Steven Legg, chief executive and co-founder of Antigen Security.


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