Dragos Partners with SEL on Visibility Platform

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 @ 07:10 PM gHale

Dragos, Inc. selected SEL as the industrial-grade computer vendor for the Dragos platform’s hardened sensors.

These sensors can end up used in challenging industrial environments, such as electrical substations, to detect industrial control system (ICS) threats while withstanding harsh conditions, such as exceeding levels of temperature, shock, vibration, humidity, or electric noise.

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The Dragos ICS threat detection and response platform provides ICS asset owners and operators with visibility of the ICS threat landscape, allowing for faster detection of threats and more efficient response. As adversary activity is detected, step-by-step investigation playbooks, authored by the Dragos team of ICS practitioners, guide asset owners and incident responders through the response process.

The SEL-3355 offers users a solution for monitoring deeper into ICS environments across various industries, including electric utilities, oil and gas, and manufacturing.

Additionally, multiple network ports allow Dragos’ sensors to collect data from numerous sources, providing comprehensive ICS data collection across various locations. The 3355 sensor also makes for a convenient transition for those asset owners already using 3355s in their industrial environments and provides all Dragos platform users with a ten-year warranty.

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