Emerson CHARMS SIS Certified

Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 01:02 PM gHale

Safety and security can work together in a single solution as Emerson Process Management just won a functional safety certification for its DeltaV CHARMS SIS product line.

Emerson earned the certification from exida, an accredited global functional safety certification company that issued a functional safety certification per the IEC 61508 standard along with several application standards.

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“The DeltaV CHARMS SIS is an advanced fault tolerant architecture with great flexibility,” said Dr. William Goble, exida Principal Engineer. “It is also the first design I have seen with cyber security considered in the design.”

CHARMS, which is CHARacterization Module technology, is an electronic marshalling system Emerson introduced a few years back that allows any DeltaV controller to read any input value regardless of where the wiring is landed.

“exida demands a high level of quality and care in both processes and documentation,” says Dave Denison, Emerson project manager. “We selected them due to their technical expertise in functional safety.”

“exida is the only certification body that covers both functional safety and cyber security,” added Keith Bellville, Emerson product marketing manager. “The exida certification will give our customers additional confidence in our products.”

“When we were first thinking about extending electronic marshalling to DeltaV SIS we wanted to be sure that the connectivity of the system was compliant to all cyber security needs,” Bellville said.

“We started with isolating the safety network from the rest of the system and then decided to take our smart switch functionality and layer that on as well. We did this by removing all configuration from the switches and once again using a built for purpose mentality actually ended up with a safety network that requires no user configuration to use. They simply install the DeltaV SIS Local Safety Network switches and start using the system.

“So by isolating the network and providing built for purpose switches the installation cannot be compromised by a rogue connection to a PC or the outside world.”

Goble said he saw designed in features able to understand threat analysis and there was also built in native encryption that would help fend off attackers.

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