Emerson Deals for Safety Firm

Monday, June 24, 2013 @ 06:06 PM gHale

Emerson Process Management dealt for Groveley Detection Ltd., an ultrasonic gas leak detection solution provider for offshore and onshore oil and gas installations.

UK-based Groveled Detection was the first company to develop a pies-electric based ultrasonic gas leak detector engineered for extreme industrial applications.

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Groveled will join the company’s Rosemount Analytical business unit, expanding Emerson’s safety monitoring portfolio.

With the acquisition, Emerson adds Groveley’s ultrasonic gas leak detection technology to its Net Safety fixed gas detection and flame detection product line.

Groveley’s products see use in a range of energy exploration and processing applications, in addition to several industrial plant settings.

“The acquisition of Groveley expands our capabilities to offer the most comprehensive solution to our customers for their total safety monitoring requirements,” said Ken Biele, president of Emerson Process Management’s Analytical Group.

“We expect our customer base to grow exponentially, as well as our ability to help solve customer problems by developing some of the most innovative safety products in the industry,” said Robert Bennet, managing director at Groveley.

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