Emerson: Safety Location Awareness

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 @ 04:10 PM gHale

By Gregory Hale
In a man down safety situation, it becomes imperative to get to the person as soon as possible.

That is why Emerson introduced its Location Awareness offering at the Emerson Global Users Exchange in San Antonio, TX, last week. It is a little device a worker can wear that can beacon out his or her location in case of a safety incident.

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“It goes across all parts of a facility,” said Amanda Alexander, global product manager, Emerson Automation Solutions. “It possible to get emergency responders to those that have fallen as quickly as possible.”

Alexander said the Location Awareness technology could help reduce more than 70 percent of common personnel-recordable incidents.

Yes, Alexander said, there are some devices in the market that do similar things, but “some technologies out there have barriers to industrial networking.”

“Location Awareness is moving to a WirelessHART mesh networking technology, along with an infrastructure of WirelessHART anchors, access points and gateways, and also Zone 0 tags with wirelessly rechargeable batteries. This allows quick, one-person installation with no wires. WirelessHART decreases barriers to help users increase safety in their facilities,” Alexander said.

Essentially, “Location Awareness spans the whole Plantweb digital ecosystem, including analytics, data connectivity and services,” she said.

The device’s capabilities include:
• Geofencing and monitoring
• Safety mustering for an emergency situation or a drill. “You are able to start safety mustering if a perons does not reach the muster point, an alarm goes off and workers can respond,” Alexander said.
• Man down situation

Even if the device ends up destroyed in an incident, the technology points responders to the last known location.

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