Enclosure Thermal Mgt, Climate Control

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 @ 02:07 PM gHale

The STEGO line of enclosure heaters are touch-safe, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) convection and fan heaters used to prevent the formation of condensation and provide evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures.

AutomationDirect’s newly added compact IP54-rated PTC heaters, starting at $9.50, feature an anodized aluminum body and are available with heating capacities ranging from 5W to 13W.

STEGO explosion-proof convection heaters see use in areas with an explosion hazard to maintain minimum operating temperatures and prevent equipment failure due to corrosion. Starting at $157, new I/IP6X-rated heaters are available in 50W and 100W heating capacity models, have a large convection surface and are DIN rail-mountable.

Also added, STEGO compact high-performance fan heaters are in 500W to 700W heating capacities and feature a space-saving, flat design with built-in overheat protection. Starting at $172, these heaters are available in panel-mountable or DIN rail-mountable models.

For even more high heating performance, additional compact PTC fan heaters are available in the 1000W range and have a double insulated plastic housing for protection against contact with current-carrying components. Prices start at $244 for these panel or DIN rail-mountable models; additional models with an integrated fixed thermostat are also available.

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