A public meeting will take place July 11 to discuss the environmental review process for Holtec International’s request to return the Palisades Nuclear Plant to an operational status.

Palisades permanently ceased operations in May 2022. Starting late last year, Holtec filed several licensing requests with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that, if approved, could return the plant to operational status.

To bring the Covert Township, Michigan, facility back up and operational, Holtec will have to explain how it will (1) return plant components to a status that supports safe operation; (2) restore the licensing basis of the plant to an operational status, and (3) make any upgrades necessary to meet current NRC requirements.

The environmental review will cover the scope of those licensing requests, considering new and significant information developed since the NRC’s October 2006 review for Palisades’ license renewal.

The hybrid in-person/virtual meeting July 11 will gather comments on the issues that should be addressed in the environmental review. In-person attendees will get priority to comment during the meeting. The meeting will be from 6-10 p.m. Eastern time in Grand Upton Hall at the Mendel Center, 1100 Yore Ave. in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The staff will hold an open house from 5-6 p.m. Eastern time for informal discussions. Additional details on the meeting will be available soon on the NRC’s public meeting schedule.

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The NRC, as the lead federal agency, is conducting the environmental review with the Department of Energy’s (DoE) Loan Programs Office as a cooperating agency. The DoE has issued a conditional commitment for a loan guarantee to Holtec for the potential restart of Palisades.

The meeting is one method for the public to submit comments before the July 29 deadline, as described in a notice in the Federal Register. The public can also send in comments via email to mailto:[email protected] or via the regulations.gov https://www.regulations.gov website (include Docket ID NRC-2024-0076 in website comments).

Comments can also end up submitted by traditional mail to Office of Administration, Mail Stop: TWFN-7-A60M, ATTN: Program Management, Announcements and Editing Staff, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555- 0001.

More information on the Palisades restart review is available on the NRC website.


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