Equipment Failure Causes ND Oil, Brine Spill

Friday, July 20, 2018 @ 05:07 PM gHale

An equipment failure caused an oil and brine spill on Sunday at a well site in Bottineau County in far north-central North Dakota near the Canadian border, state officials said.

Energyquest II LLC reported on Tuesday that 550 barrels, or 23,100 gallons, of brine and 120 barrels, or 5,040 gallons, of oil spilled at a well about 9 miles northwest of Maxbass, according to a statement released by the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division Wednesday.

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The spill was caused by a malfunction in the well casing, said Oil and Gas Division spokeswoman Katie Haarsager.

The spill was contained within the diking on site and cleanup is underway, according to the Oil and Gas Division’s statement.

A state inspector has been to the site and will monitor additional cleanup.

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