Fire Shuts Down TX Chemical Plant

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 @ 01:04 PM gHale

The fire at the ExxonMobil chemical plant in Beaumont, TX, Monday forced the entire plant to shut down, officials said.

Firefighters put out the fire at 5:45 a.m. and there were no injuries and everyone ended up accounted for after the fire, officials said.

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The fire started shortly after 12 a.m. Monday when a vapor release from a propylene line caught fire.

The fire at the plant off Madison Ave. caused some of the workers from the plant to move to alternative locations, said spokesperson Lee Dula. Some workers ended up going home, however, all workers were going to report for their scheduled shifts and check in with their supervisors.

Dula added ongoing air monitoring continues to indicates no impacts to the community. Officials also told nearby plants about the fire.

The fire in a propylene unit at ExxonMobil Chemical forced the company to shut down the entire chemical plant. Workers had been fighting the fire since about midnight Monday.

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