Firefox Flash Block Lifted

Monday, July 20, 2015 @ 01:07 PM gHale

After Adobe released security updates for Flash, Mozilla lifted its blanket block on Flash in Firefox.

While this issue has gone away for now, Mozilla is continuing its move to work on alternatives to Flash.

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The block, which came out last Monday, blocked all versions of Flash on Firefox by default.

This embargo lifted once Adobe released cross-platform updates that defended against two Zero Day vulnerabilities, discovered as part of the breach against the Hacking Team.

There has been an increase in Flash exploits since the Hacking Team Zero Days became public, security firm, F-Secure, said One of the most recently fixed Flash flaws – CVE-2015-5122 – a part of at least two exploit kits, a big factor in the recent surge of attacks.

Firefox has had technology to block or warn users about insecure browser plug-ins in one form or another since 2010.

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